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Setting You on a Straighter Path

Align Your Tires for a Better Driving Experience

Does your car veer to one side on its own when you are heading down a straight road? Then it might be time to get your wheels back into alignment. An uneven alignment can cause your tires to wear down faster than usual due to them riding the inner edge of the tire rather than any other portion of the tire. To learn how to check the tire wear on your vehicle, check out our support videos on our website.

How Does my Car Get Out of Alignment?

It is fairly easy to pop the wheels of your vehicle out of alignment. Wheel alignment can be thrown off by pot holes, curbs, concrete parking stalls, accidents, and general wear and tear. Wheel alignment is measured in tenths and hundredths of degrees or inches, and as such, even a minor bump in alignment can throw it off. However, it is important to get your vehicle back into alignment to keep you and other people safe on the road.

How Often Does Your Alignment Need To Be Checked?

In general, it is recommended to get your tires realigned at least once a year, but it is a good idea to get it checked more often than that. This is to make sure that you get the most life out of the tires that keep you safe. It is especially important to get your tire alignment checked when you get a new set of tires to make sure that your new tires don't start off wearing unevenly.

For the DIY people out there, be aware that every model of each brand of vehicle has a different wheel alignment. As such, it is recommended to use the right tools to be able to test the alignment of your vehicle.

If you need to get your tires realigned, then stop by our service center at Volkswagen of Fredericksburg where we have the right tools and technology to provide professional service to drivers in the Fredericksburg, Richmond, or Washington D.C. areas. Feel free to go ahead and schedule your alignment service online now.